This week, we are on to Cincinnati. Not everyone in Tom Brady’s family will be rooting for the Patriots on Sunday. Former Boston Red Sox third baseman, Kevin Youkilis is married to Tom Brady’s sister, Julie. Youkilis is also from Cincinnati.

According to Brady, “[Youkilis] is a much bigger Bengal fan than a Patriot fan so I know he’ll be rooting for the Bengals this week. He sends that every year in the Christmas letters and I see a lot of pictures of him wearing Bengals stuff so I knew he’s got Bengals in his blood. You can’t ever take that out of him.” Brady respects his brother-in-law’s loyalty to his home teams saying, “he’s never forgotten where he comes from.”

The Bengals and the Patriots have met 24 times since 1968. The Patriots do lead the regular season 15-9, including 5 of the last 6.  Brady has come to play as evidenced by last week’s performance. My guess is the Patriots continue to show their strengths and Youkilis will be disappointed he rooted against Tom.