I hate to bring up a topic that took years off Patriots fans lives, however, this is worth mentioning. Deflategate is back, or at least it should be if the NFL is going to stay true to their word.

There was allegedly a deflated football in play during the Seattle Seahawks’ 31-25 win over the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football. I’ll let you be the judge.

Under NFL rules the ball must be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds. If you ask me, it looks to me that the Seahawks punter Jon Ryan is clearly putting an indent into the football. So what does this mean? We all learned during Deflategate that deflating the ball makes it easier to hold, throw, and catch, which creates a competitive advantage. So did Jon Ryan or the Seahawks tamper with the footballs?

Remember when Roger Goodell addressed the country saying, “We think it’s important that the commissioner protects the integrity of the game, that you can’t entrust that to someone who has no understanding of our business, and the appellate court yesterday reaffirmed that, so we think this is an important element of our success. We obviously have changed our discipline process through the years and we will continue to do that if we think it’s in the best interests of the NFL.”

Or how about when he insisted, “Protecting the integrity of the game is not something we’re going to compromise.

Well if Roger Goodell is so focused on the integrity of the game and having facts to back up deflation of footballs, doesn’t that mean he has to do his job and look into the Seahawks footballs? I mean, it’s only fair that mainstream networks like CNN or NBC open their news stories with Seattle’s deflated footballs.

This constant inconsistency is just one of the prime examples of why the NFL ratings are down.