For many of Patriots Nation Jacoby Brissett was the surprising third round draft(29th overall) by the New England Patriots but in retrospect the rookie third stringand now starting quarterback possess a quality that made him desirable to Belichick.

That quality is consistency.

The 6 foot, 4 inch and 235 pound Brissett  is a pocket passer who also has mobility as he proved in rushing for a first down against the Dolphins.   In 2014 with the NC State Wolfpack he gave Florida State all they could handle by putting up numbers that rivaled those of Jameis Winston going 32 out of 48 for 359 yards and 3 touchdowns even though Florida State ultimately ended up with the 56-41 win.

Returning to Brissett consistency.  He managed to go 6 out of 9 for 92 yards and was able to engineer a drive that allowed Blount to score.  His one gaff was the fumble for a major loss which as a rookie is somewhat expected based on lack of experience.

Another consistency for Brissett is the smart auto correct his name to Brisket.

Whether you prefer your brisket smoked with BBQ sauce or the traditional New England corned beef with cabbage.  The challenges facing Brissett on Thursday against the Houston Texans will be no small order but the hope is for consistency for the Patriots defense and Brissett which will result in another win for the Patriots.