Vontaze Burfict is often called a dirty player around the NFL and he made another questionable play against the Patriots on Sunday.

During the fourth quarter of yesterdays game, Burfict hit Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett unnecessarily low. Brady who originally pumped faked to Bennett ended up passing to wide receiver Danny Amendola.

Vontaze Burfict going low on Bennett. Seemed unnecessary but what do I know. #Patriots

— Will D. (@WAD1980) October 16, 2016

The hit caused tensions to rise between the two teams. Rob Gronkowski got into Burfict’s face several times after that play and LeGarrette Blount gave Burfict a shove after scoring a late fourth quarter touchdown.

After the game, Bennett shared that Burfict came up to him and apologized.

“He hit me in the back of my knee,” said Bennett. “That’s low. He apologized. He said he didn’t try to do it. But its part of the game. Stuff happens.”

The play will be under review by the NFL front offices. The review will follow the standard process, but Burfict’s history will not help him. Burfict was suspended three games to start this season for repeated violations of the player safety rule. He also received four fines in 2015 for such violations.

The hit might have not been intentional, but it was low. With player safety a focal point for the NFL front offices, Burfict could receive a heavy fine or short suspension.

When coach Bill Belichick was asked about the hit, he said he’d let the NFL punish Burfict is they deemed it necessary.

“We’ll let the league talk about that play? Belichick said. “It’s their decision. It doesn’t really matter what any of us think about it, anyway.?

Bennett finished the game catching five passes on five targets for 48 yards and missed no time after taking the hit.