Rookie Malcolm Mitchell walked on the field at Gillette Stadium last night prepared to prove his worth to his coaches and teammates; and he did just that. Mitchell started strong with four receptions for 55 total yards. He worked well with Garoppolo and had the highest amount of reception yardage of any player on the team. And that was in less than two full quarters.

But it wasn’t his impressive stats during the first half of the game versus the New Orleans Saints that made headlines, but rather a horrible injury that occurred in the second quarter where Mitchell dislocated his elbow while bracing for a fall after an 8 yard reception. There was an immediate reaction from Mitchell, and he clutched his arm and quickly exited the field.

The game continued, but not without talk and speculation as to how badly Mitchell was injured and how this effect his place on the Patriots roster.

Reportedly Mitchell suffered from an elbow subluxation (dislocated elbow). It was popped back into place and he is scheduled to undergo an MRI. It is estimated that Mitchell will only miss four weeks of practice. That is welcome news to Patriots’ fans because if his opening performance was any indication, Mitchell is determined to become an integral part of the Patriots’ offensive team.

Malcolm Mitchell was a 4th round pick by the Patriots in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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