It’s that time of year in the NBA. Trade rumor season is upon us. This time of year can play with many fans’ emotions. Celtics fans know this all too well. While there has not been a big deal at the deadline in recent years, the Boston faithful remain optimistic that a deal is on the horizon.

Seeking Star Power

By now everyone is aware that the Celtics have arguably the most attractive arsenal of assets in the league and have been actively searching for a star. This past week, rumors have begun to emerge once again. Carmelo Anthony and Jimmy Butler’s names top the list. The validity of these rumors is uncertain, but nevertheless it’s fun to speculate.

Several days ago, rumors rumbled that Carmelo Anthony would waive his no-trade clause to join the celtics.Anthony has had a strange relationship with Knicks president Phil Jackson since Jackson took over in 2014. It’s fair to say Anthony will not be playing in New York next season. Both the Clippers and Cavaliers have been tied to his name as well. Let one of those teams overpay for him. Yes, Carmelo is still an elite scorer, averaging 23 points per game. But at 33, he’s proven that he cannot be a go-to guy anymore. Also, his fit in Stevens’ offense seems questionable. He’d be a great add for Los Angeles or Cleveland, but why would the Celtics give up a chunk of their assets for a 33-year-old on the back nine?

Bullish on Butler

Back in June, it was reported that the Celtics and Bulls had serious talks leading up to draft day revolving around Jimmy Butler. Those rumors have re-emerged in recent days. The Chicago Tribune reported that rival executives believe the teams will rekindle talks before the deadline, large in part due to the divide in the Chicago front office regarding Butler’s leadership. The 27 year old Butler is averaging 24. 6 points per game, 6. 5 rebounds, and 4. 8 assists. He is part of a short list of guys worth one of the Brooklyn picks. Many insiders believe that Chicago has interest in Crowder, Smart, and the Brooklyn picks. As much as those two players provide great energy and gritty defense, Butler is a complete player in the prime of his career. To even out the salaries, the Celtics would have to throw in Zeller or Johnson. All of this of course with one of the Nets’ picks. IF this is possible, pull the trigger Mr. Ainge.

Keep looking at, Celtics fans. Danny the Dealer is ready to pounce on the guy that can bring the Celtics to the top.could it be Butler? Yes.