With this past Sunday’s game, we got to witness the long awaited return of Tom Brady.The excitement caused by the return for his unceremonious suspension was like nothing seen in the history of the NFL.It was like a Hall of Famer was coming back into the league.Well it is likely a foregone conclusion that Brady will end up in Canton, but it feels like he has been enshrined already and we did not get our invite.

The fear that seems to have been cast over the entire NFL with the return of Tom Brady is similar to the return of a gunslinger to a town in the Old West where everyone both fears and revels in his return. The other teams in the league have certainly shown a fear unlike anything in the past and the Hall of Fame QB to be is doing everything he can to live up to the lofty billing.

Brady’s game of 406 yds passing with 3 TDs in roughly three quarters of action shows that not only is Brady a freak of nature but an incredibly prepared one as well.  With the terms of his suspension being no team contact, practice time etc any other mere mortal would come back and likely struggle.  The only thing Brady struggled with was who he was going to pass to or if he was going to pass for 500 yds.

There has been a ton of talk in different venues about who the best QBs of all time are and there is no reason to believe when you take all aspects into account that Brady is definitely number one.  He has won SB, League MVP awards, Pro Bowl selections and is doing nothing to make you believe that he is not going to add to these lofty totals.

Let’s just hope that when it is truly time for Brady to enter Canton, that we do actually get an invite. It feels like he has eloped but will do it for real in ten years or so after he finally retires.