Do you remember the awful scary news yesterday on Edelman? Possible sweating, wetting yourself you know the whole shebang? It was probably just me, anyway yesterday it was believed Julian had received a significant injury. Banging his helmet did not make his team mates and Pats Nation feel any better. Then as time progressed reports were coming out Julian’s injury is not serious and should not miss any time. After this we would think he would take this next practice off.

Nope, he was seen in full pads ready to get to work. Now you may be thinking “what are they doing”, “he needs rest, he shouldn’t be out there.” I was actually saying those statements like you all. However when the Pats receivers were going to work with the Saints DB’s, Edelman was working out on another field working on getting more receptions. No need to worry, Edelman will be fine he is going half speed and keeping an eye on his foot. We will let you all know in more when news comes up on Julian. So I will say it again no need to worry, and no need to panic. Take a deep breath and Edelman will be good to go week 1 of the NFL season.