The image that I use as my signature one for my columns is not just a common meme that you see today.This picture truly states the way that coach Belichick and Tom Brady feel and with the return of Brady this week we will see it in action.

Normally when a suspended or injured player returns to playing in the NFL there is a bit of an alert sent across to the teams they will be playing to take note.  The return of Tom Brady has brought about an alert like there has never been seen in the history of the NFL.  All of the teams the Patriots will be playing for the rest of the season is one thing, but you are seeing the shockwaves across the entire league.  Players from the Patriots are excited for Brady’s return especially judging by Gronk’s response to a question about it yesterday.  ” Tom friggin’ Brady is back this week” was part of his response.  A healthy Gronk is one thing but a well rested and pissed off Tom Brady is a whole different story.  The poor Cleveland Browns are going to be the first speed bump in the way of the Patriot’s juggernaut and other teams will be watching to see how Brady looks.  I will give them a heads up, he is going to look like he never left except more pissed off.

Even great players returning to their teams like Le’Vean Bell who is a fantastic dominant player did not have nearly the same impact on his team and the league as the return of Brady is going to have.  There has not been a player at any position in recent history that can have the same impact on the game as Tom Brady.  With the 3-1 start for the Patriots people have tried to say that Brady is not as important as you would think.  They are trying to say that it is totally the system they are playing.  Well I hate to break it to those people but the system is just like the icing on the cake.  Brady is like the cake and the entire recipe to make it.  That is what the difference is in my opinion.

Brady is going to return as ultra sharp as ever and the size of the chip on his shoulder is going to feel like the Rock of Gibraltar to him.  I think it might even have the face of Roger Goddell etched into it as well.  I feel sorry for the Browns and ever other team the Pats will be facing for the rest of the season because the catch phrase of ” do your job” might just be changing to “show them no mercy”.  Mr Goddell should have all complaints directed his way because it is his idiotic idea to suspend Brady that is going to cause the Patriots machine to roll all over the rest of their opponents.  If there is any running up of the score etc, it is solely going to be a message that is being sent.  The message is ” Brady’s back” so buckle up for the ride.