Is there anyone playing better than Isaiah Thomas? He has averaged over 31 points this month, and has been the heart and soul of the Boston celtics.Without Isaiah the Celtics would not have a winning record, or a record even close to what they have now. Scoring is not all he does, he also averages over 5 assists per game . He is the backbone of the Boson Celtics offense.

The Isaiah Quarter

Isaiah Thomas cannot be stopped in the fourth quarter. He has averaged 10. 1 points per game in the fourth quarter. this is higher than any other player has had in the past 20 years. He has scored at leaast 15 points in the 4th quarter 8 times so far. His last game he scored 17 in the fourth to carry The Boston Celtics to a victory over The Charlette Hornets. Isaiah holds the Celtics record with 29 points in the fourth quarter to finish a spectacular night where he scored 52.

In His Words

Isaiah on being asked about his fourth quarter excelance said I’ve always wanted that moment. Growing up,always seeing the best players take over in those moments,whether it be Kobe,Allen Iverson, Jordan,and they just treated it like another possesion,another game. Thats how I feel. When I’m out there I just want to make plays and be aggresive. And, like I said I want that moment. A lot of guys don`t want to take the big shots,they’re scared to try to make a big play because they might turn it over or miss the shot. I work not to take adavantage of those moments.