Everyone remembers the times of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, the two tight ends that ran like receivers and blocked like linemen. Unfortunately, that duo was cut short because of reasons we cannot get into, but ever since then, the Patriots have been trying to get those two tight end positions tonattack and dominate defenses once again.

With the acquisition of Martellus Bennett over the off-season, the Patriots’ offense finally has that attack again. Bennett, who is 6’6″, 270, has really blossomed into the Patriots system so far this season, catching four touchdowns in the first five games. However, with Gronkowski battling a hamstring injury, this past week was the first time we saw these two beasts on the field together wreaking havoc.

Although having Tom Brady back definitely helped, Bennett and Gronkowski combined for 11 catches for 176 yards and three touchdowns. The two TEs racked up more offense than any Browns receiver. With these two putting up the numbers they did, it was a nightmare for the Browns defense on Sunday. When Cleveland tried to cover these two all it did was leave the middle of the field open for the Patriots quick, fast receivers.

We know these guys can catch passes and score touchdowns but what else can they do?

With Gronk and Bennett active offensively is causes mismatches which allows guys like Edelman, Hogan or Amendola left wide open. If you ‘try’ to cover these guys or double cover them, it opens up the field for one of the Patriots quick receivers to turn and go. They are also very good blockers too which can also help open up the middle of the field for Patriots receivers and provide a good run block for Blount and White.

If Bennett and Gronkowski can stay healthy for the whole season, the Patriots will be a very scary team all the way up to February 5th.