On Thursday, Terrell Suggs continued his streak of not saying Tom Brady’s name to the media. Over the years, he’s expressed his distaste for the Patriots quarterback by using simple pronouns when replying to media questions. Why doesn’t Suggs like to say Tom Brady’s name? Since only he and perhaps Tom Brady only know the answer to this question, I’m going to suggest a few reasons that are totally based on personal speculation, are probably nowhere near true, and some may even be downright irresponsible.

Suggs is superstitious

Terrell Suggs may link uttering Tom Brady’s name to his sack production. He hasn’t said the “B” word to media since 2009, when he had a mere 4.5 sacks. He was in a slump that year. The following season he avoided any mention of the Pats QB and got 11 sacks. He now feels it would be a jinx to say it. Since then, he’s had just one season under 10 sacks and that was an injury-shortened season.

Suggs can’t remember his name, and is embarrassed

This may have started as an entire misunderstanding between Suggs and the media. Maybe, just maybe, he was embarrassed that he couldn’t think of Tom’s name when speaking at a press conference, just calling him “the quarterback for the Patriots.” Maybe he didn’t think anything of it until it was blown out of proportion and now he just wishes it would all go away. Poor guy is embarrassed is all.

He thinks it’s his psychological edge

We all know Tom Brady is the greatest. Terrell Suggs knows it, too. This is why he won’t say his name. Instead, by calling him “the quarterback…” he’s making him less than the greatest of all time allowing him to just be “the quarterback.”

Tom Brady went all Luke Cage on Terrell SuggsMy personal favorite

Setting: 2009 Wild Card Playoffs in Foxboro

A victorious Terrell Suggs is leaving the visitor’s locker room feeling on top of the world as the Baltimore Ravens just humiliated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at home to advance. All of a sudden, Terrell Suggs gets turned around in a dark hallway in Gillette Stadium to be cornered by a shadowy figure, standing about 6’4” with the glare of a champion. Suggs starts to sweat. His heart beating, he said, “hey, umm, Tom Brady, we won fair and square. No hard feelings buddy.” Tom Brady steps out of the darkness and gives Terrell Suggs the back of his hand in a firm and powerful slap. He said to Suggs, “You keep MY NAME out of YOUR MOUTH!” Before Suggs can wipe the tears from his eyes, the shadowy Tom Brady was gone.

You won’t get analysis like this from anyone else.