On a day when the Colorado Rockies sign Greg Holland, someone on the radar for Sox fans, it is nice to see the team make a move. It was a good move at that too, as Selsky has put together some nice seasons at the minor league level, and had a pretty nice go in his first call up to the MLB.

Solid Selsky Stats

Going back to 2015 when he spent the entire season in AAA, he hit an impressive .317, and an OBP of .386. Last year in AAA he continued his success with another season batting .280 and an OBP of .363. So for back-to-back years, Selsky collected solid numbers. As a result, he got his chance to join the Reds for 24 games, hitting 314 in that span.

So now the question comes in about his availability on waivers? He proved over the past two years that he can hit in the AAA level and from the games with the Reds, the MLB level as well. Maybe not a wealth of background. But if he can produce like this consistently, pick up Selsky bodes well for the Red Sox. The only remaining question is where does he fit in?

Obviously, with such small exposure in MLB, the reality of him taking a spot on the Red Sox seems remote. But he may make an impact in Pawtucket. Listed as a first basemen and outfielder, he will most likely see his time in the outfield with Sam Travis expected to be the first basemen (unless he is called up to the MLB).

Overall, I think this is a smart move for the Red Sox. They were able to get some depth at the AAA level with a guy that has proven that he can hit. Maybe he will able develop some power in AAA and at some point come up to help the Red Sox.