Despite only playing six innings of baseball, the Red Sox put another one in the win column.They have now won six straight, sweeping the Diamondbacks, winning a close game in Cleveland, and now sweeping the two-game series with Baltimore.As of today, they are in sole possession of second place in the AL East, with the Toronto Blue Jays ahead by only 1 game.Last night is a perfect example of what the Sox have been doing lately.David Price pitched all six innings, only allowing 1 run off of 4 hits, before the thunderstorm delayed, and later ended, the game.The offense jumped the O’hottest starter Dylan Bundy for five runs off of 9 hits through his 4 1/3 innings of work, then proceeded to smack the reliever around for 3 more runs.

The Red Sox offense has woken up again, and we should be giving all the credit to Mookie Betts.This guy has been a machine lately, and does his job when it matters.After last night, Betts is batting 500 (12/24) in Camden Yards.

Red Sox starting pitching also owns the best ERA in the American League in August.If this team has found its groove, it may not be long before we see Boston atop the AL East division again.It’s rare that a game that ended with flash flood warnings in the area was so beneficial for the Sox, but they came in and got their job done.They now are in Detroit for a four game series.