The Celtics host the Hornets tonight at 7:30. Boston has had a nice weekend off after beating Atlanta in the final seconds Friday night. Both Brad Stevens and Isaiah Thomas took advantage of their time off by going to see the Patriots beat the Texans in Foxboro. The team returned to Waltham on Sunday to get in some rare practice time. Boston has a comfortable stretch of games this week. They play tonight, Wednesday, and Saturday before getting Sunday and Monday off. After that the schedule gets a lot more condensed. They’ll need to take advantage of this week to prepare themselves for the tough schedule that faces them leading into the All Star break.

The Hornets are flying low

Charlotte has been going through a bit of rough stretch lately. They’ve lost six of their last seven, and find themselves below the 8th best record in the East for the first time in a while. Charlotte has played some tough opponents over their last seven games. They lost to the Spurs, Cavs, and Houston. While beating Oklahoma City for their one win in that stretch. The other losses were a little tougher to swallow, as they lost to Detroit, Chicago, and Philly. Boston will do their best to make sure Charlotte continues their losing ways tonight.

The Celtics continue to have health issues

Tyler Zeller and James Young are both out for tonight’s game. They’ve both missed an extensive amount of time with their illnesses, but they have both made solid progress. Avery Bradley has missed the last four games, but is very close to returning. There is no word as to whether Bradley will be available for tonight’s game, but it’s a possibility.

Kelly Olynyk’s status is also unknown, after the Celtics’ big man tripped over one of the coach’s kids prior to practice on Sunday. The team said he rolled his ankle. Espn’s Chris Forsberg went on to say Olynyk got up in obvious discomfort and went straight to the training room. . No word as to the severity of the roll, or if Olynyk will be back tonight. Olynyk is coming off one of his best games as pro, so hopefully it was very minor, and he will be back tonight. The positive sign that he may be back very soon is that the team did not use ankle sprain to describe the injury.

Celebrating Civil Rights Day

Most states recognize today as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but up here in New Hampshire it is recognized as Civil Rights Day. Regardless of it’s recognition, today is an important part of American history, and a constant reminder of how hard it is to live up to the most obvious and basic standards for society. There are still a lot of white people that struggle with diversity, but as each new generation replaces the old generation the fears and struggles of the past slowly fade. It may take time, but America’s diversity has never been greater than it is today.

The Boston Celtics have a rich history of disregarding racial differences, and nonchalantly breaking color barriers. When Red Auerbach started the first all black lineup on December 26, 1964, he was unaware that there was any significance to that day. That’s the thing about not being racist, the color of a person’s skin is not important.

Havlicek on the Celtics breaking barriers: We didn’t know color on our team. We were all friends. That sort of set a trend for the NBA.- Boston Celtics (@celtics) April 13, 2015