Boston takes on New York tonight at 7:30 in Boston. The Celtics have dominated the Knicks over the last 2 seasons. Boston has won eight of their last nine games against New York. Tonight, they’ll do their best to make it nine of 10.

In the NBA world, Boston hasn’t exactly made friends with any New Yorkers. They’ve taken away Brooklyn’s future and crippled the franchise. At the same time they just keep beating the Knicks almost any chance they get. To top it off, the Knicks season is falling apart faster than a Spike Lee film about the struggles of white men in America.

Carmelo is holding New York hostage

The 13-year veteran future Hall of Famer has done very little to help the Knicks return to being a good basketball team. The Knicks foolishly traded their young talent at the time for Anthony, when they could have just waited and signed him as a free agent the next summer. Since joining the Knicks, Carmelo has helped them get one winning season in his six full seasons with the club. Now, there’s turmoil between Phil Jackson and Anthony, but he refuses to waive his no-trade clause unless it’s to the Cavs or Clippers. The drama has been brutal, but also kind of fun because it’s happening to a division rival.

Rose and the Super-Team

Derrick Rose has been another source of drama for the Knicks. He strangely abandoned the team one day and went back to his house in Chicago without notifying anyone. Rose said he contemplated retiring during that brief time away. All this coming on the heels of Rose’s comments in the off season of the Knicks enjoying super-team status. I am not entirely sure what’s going on in New York, but it is confusing. I should be enjoying this more, but it’s got to the point where I feel bad for their fans and Kristaps Porzingis.

This would be a great game for Boston to blow a team out

The Celtics most consistent attribute this season has been to allow teams to come back from big deficits. They haven’t had a blowout win since December 7th, when they beat Orlando by 30. Since that game, the Celtics largest victory was 11. With the Knicks seemingly in shambles, now would be a good time get another blowout victory. If the Knicks get down big early, they could fold and resist Boston’s allure of letting teams back in games.

The Celtics need to enjoy this stretch of their schedule

The schedule makers haven’t been overly kind to the Celtics this season, but they got it good right now. Following last Friday’s game against Atlanta, the Celtics schedule has them playing four games in 10 days. That includes three breaks of two consecutive days in between games. Let’s compare that to the stretch they have waiting for them later this month. From Jan 24th to Feb 3rd Boston plays seven games with four days off.