Ok everyone, the Jamie Collins trade is done and its time to move on. He was not the only player on the Patriots defense and certainly not the sole reason they’ve done well this season. Let’s take a look at what the team can do to keep playing well defensively and even possibly improve. As Bill says, there’s always room for improvement. Let me tell you why I think this trade will be a good thing.

Collins Trade

This may be a controversial to say, but I believe the Patriots’ defense will improve with Collins gone. In my opinion only, I found that Collins was playing to a lower level then he had in the past. You might even say that he appeared to take plays off.  That is just a big no-no and also not the way to get paid “Von Miller money” either.  The Collins trade will improve the Patriots’ defense by allowing other players to take on a bigger role in Coach Patricia’s scheme.

Players That Can Benefit

Without a doubt in my mind, the player that is going to benefit from the trade is Elandon Roberts.  He has played like a veteran and will get much more  time on defense.  Roberts does not take plays off nor does he ever just “mail it in” on any play.  Roberts is also versatile and can play LB, rush the passer, and pass coverage schemes.  He is only going to get stronger from more playing time.

Van Noy will also  spend more time on the field is. The Patriots’ scouting staff obviously liked him enough to pick him up from the Lions.  He is fast and can also play in nearly any scheme that Coach Patricia calls.  It will take some time for Van Noy to learn the Patriots’ defense, but this is an opportunity for him to show his game.

One of my favourite players on the defense will also get an expanded role in the new defensive scheme. Barkavious Mingo reminds me of Collins in the body type and his speed.  Mingo is not as strong in pass coverage but has great speed and can be an opposing QBs nightmare.  I hope Mingo gets more playing time and I think the Patriots will be glad they gave it to him.

Looks Like Hightower Is Confirmed As Defensive Leader

The Collins trade also solidified something that many Pats’ fans knew already. Dont’a Hightower is the defensive leader for the team. The monster in the middle is going to get a chance to show why he is considered a great all-around defensive player. The only changes the Patriots need to make now is keeping players fresh and continue their great preparation for opponents.

The Patriots defense was initially thought to be their weak link this season. I believe with the group that the team has now, they are going to give some teams fits the rest of this season and beyond. Bring on the Seahawks.