Super Bowl LI was one of the craziest football games ever played. Atlanta built a 21-3 lead at halftime and extended the lead to 28-3 in the third quarter. The rest is history.

Led by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, the Patriots came back from a 25-point deficit to beat the Falcons 34-28. New England took home their fifth Lombardi Trophy, along with a handful of records.

New England set 21 Super Bowl records, with some help from Atlanta. They also tied five others while Brady broke eight records by himself. Here’s the breakdown:

New England and Atlanta Records

  • Most First Downs, Game, Both Teams – 54
  • Most First Downs Passing, Game, Both Teams – 39
  • Most Passing Yards, Game, Both Teams – 682
  • Most Two Point Conversions, Game, Both Teams – 2 (Tie)

Although these go down in the record books as both teams, the Patriots deserve the majority of the credit. New England recorded 37 of 54 first downs, 26 of 39 first downs passing and 442 of 682 passing yards. They also completed both of the two point conversions.

New England Records

  • Most Games, Team – 9
  • Largest Deficit Overcome, Winning Team – 25
  • Most Points, Overtime Period, Team – 6
  • Most First Downs, Game, Team – 37
  • Most First Downs Passing, Game, Team – 26
  • Most Offensive Plays, Game, Team – 93
  • Most Passes, Game, Team – 63
  • Most Completions, Game, Team – 43
  • Most Passing Yards, Game, Team – 442
  • Most Two Point Conversions, Game, Team – 2 (Tie)
  • Most First Downs By Penalty, Game, Team – 4 (Tie)

The big record here is obviously coming back from 25 points down to win the Super Bowl. Before Super Bowl LI, the largest deficit comeback was ten points, which occurred three different times. The Patriots came back from ten down in Super Bowl XLIX against Seattle.

The most offensive plays was another big record. Running 93 plays gassed the Falcons defense, which contributed to the 25 point comeback.

James White Records

  • Most Receptions, Game – 14
  • Most Points, Game – 20
  • Most Touchdowns, Game – 3 (Tie)
  • Most Two-Point Conversions, Game – 1 (Tie)

Many identified James White as the lead contender for the MVP. White played a complete game, and at times was the only positive for the Patriots offense. He scored three different times, one the overtime game winner. He also punched in a crucial two-point conversion to make it 28-20.

White’s 139 total yards didn’t go completely unnoticed, as Tom Brady gave him the keys to the MVP truck.

Tom Brady Records

  • Most Games – 7
  • Most Passes, Career – 309
  • Most Passes, Game – 62
  • Most Completions, Career – 207
  • Most Completions, Game – 43
  • Most Passing Yards, Career – 2071
  • Most Passing Yards, Game – 466
  • Most Touchdown Passes, Career – 15
  • Most Games Won – 5 (Tie)

Tom Brady cemented his status as the greatest quarterback of all-time in Super Bowl LI. He became the only quarterback to win five total Super Bowls, and now holds career Super Bowl records in completions, yards and touchdowns. He crafted perhaps the greatest comeback in NFL history, and now has four Super Bowl MVP’s to his name (another record).

  • Most Games Won, Head Coach – 5

Much like Brady, Belichick cemented his status as perhaps the greatest coach ever. His five Super Bowl victories as a head coach are the most ever, and he now has a total of seven rings. Its time for a new boat name Coach, and perhaps to start thinking of renaming the Lombardi Trophy to the Belichick Trophy.