I am still not over that outstanding display of teamwork in Foxboro, Massachusetts on Thursday night. The offense, the defense and special teams played their hearts out and it showed as they scored 27 and shutout the Texans. The Patriots all worked together and did their individual job to come out with a resounding victory. The special teams, a part of the football game that can get overlooked, was very hard to miss this week.

After the game, Coach Belichick said, “we punted well, we covered well, we covered our kicks well, we had a couple chances in the return game, and we converted our scoring opportunities, so the entire special teams unit and the coaching staff did a tremendous job tonight.”

Punter, Ryan Allen kept the Texans pinned between the goal line and the 20-yard line all night long. 5 of his 7 boots were inside the 15. The Texans did not return a single punt, meaning their total punt return yards was zero. This was incredible.

The Texans only returned three of six kickoffs from Stephen Gostkowski. Brandon Bolden forced a fumble on one of those kickoffs and Nate Ebner forced a fumble on another kickoff. Both fumbles gave the Patriots great field position, which allowed for the offense to score.

For a team that everyone ruled against from the judges in court to the expert analysts at the news desks, the Patriots are sitting with an undefeated record. This team is still dealing with suspensions and injuries. Just think what fans (and haters) have to look forward to in the coming weeks.