NBA trade rumor season is upon us, and as usual the Celtics are involved in a number of trade rumors. The rumors, like always revolve round big names such as DeMarcus Cousins, Jahlil Okafor and Gordon Hayward. While these rumors involve a lot of speculation, a recent rumor from ESPN has gained publicity. The rumor says the Atlanta Hawks have interest in trading F Kyle Korver. This rumor has Celtics fans thinking, would a deal for Korver make sense?

The Situation

For Atlanta, it makes perfect sense to trade him. The Hawks are not going to contend with Cleveland for at least a couple of years, so it makes sense to get compensation for the veteran Korver instead of watching him leave in the off-season. They have a lack of young talent on their roster and Korver’s value could give them a return of either younger players or draft picks.

There is no doubt that Korver hasĀ been a top three point shooter in the league for the majority of his 13 year career in the league, and that the Celtics are lacking a go-to three point specialist. The real question is, what’s the asking price? The Celtics are full of assets that could interest the Hawks, so I think there’s definitely some traction between the teams.

My Thoughts

Ultimately, I just don’t see a big enough reason for the Celtics to make this deal. As a UFA in July, they would run the risk of losing him after half a season. Even if they could re-sign him, he’s 35 years old and is bound to regress soon. I would much rather see the Celtics use that money to sign a big name free agent. I would also prefer to save the assets until a bigger name comes up.could Korver help spread the floor and provide more offense? Absolutely. Is he going to put the Celtics over the hump? Not likely.