Two of the biggest daily sports fantasy companies were close, or maybe not so close, to a merger in the latter part of last year. Reports surfaced earlier this week that the Boston based, Draft Kings and the New York based, FanDuel were possibly in talks of a potential merger that was being pushed heavily by the president of the Kraft Group, our very own Jonathan Kraft. This comes as no surprise to many as the Krafts are investors of the Boston based company.

However a deal appears unlikely due to the strained relationship between the two company’s CEOs. According to a report by, DraftKings CEO, Jason Robins and FanDuel CEO, Nigel Eccles have a relationship that is not exactly friendly. After all, they are rivals and getting along with your rival is flat out weird. Would Ray Lewis and Tom Brady make a deal with each other? Unlikely.

Being that the Krafts have invested in DraftKings it is not shocking that this type of merger was being pushed by them. In my opinion it seems highly unlikely. There is still a lot that needs to be settled when it comes to these daily fantasy games. I personally see no problem with it. If people want to use their money to play these games then they have every right too. Not to get too political here but I don’t think a government really has a right to say what you can and can’t do with your money, as long as it’s within the law of course. Fact of the matter is, these daily fantasy games are harmless and if anything it has contributed to the already massive interest of the NFL. Not that it needed any more followers.

Essentially, this is something that the Krafts would love to see happen as investors however, a fifth ring for Brady and the boys is the top priority.