This Friday, the struggling Boston Celtics will the Golden State Warriors in a primetime matchup at the TD Garden. When a certain #35 in blue and gold trots out it may not be pleasant. No, you may not hear Eddie Palladino announce the 6’9 forward out of Texas over the shower of boos he will receive. Kevin Durant may be numb to Boston, but Boston has got plenty of feelings for him.

Durant told the media Wednesday he has no connection to Boston at all. He may be a tall guy, but it must’ve been hard to miss all of New England on their knees for him this summer, right? The Celtics rolled out the big guns for this potential signing, bringing Tom Brady to their private meetings in the Hamptons. Also, they showed Durant plenty of game film on how they stopped the Warriors’ record home winning streak last season. It was bad enough he didn’t pick Boston, but this has to sting some Celtics fans.

In a sense, he’s right. Technically, he really doesn’t have a connection here. He’s from Washington D. C., went to college in Texas, and has never played for an NBA team that’s even in the eastern time zone. That being said, the Celtics went further than most teams would to try to wow Kevin Durant. They definitely pulled all their strings to get Brady out there and rolled a significant dice by showing them that select game film. From the beginning of the Celtics off-season, a potential Kevin Durant signing seemed very unlikely and the fact that they were in his top three choices was pretty remarkable.

Boston’s Feelings About Durant

To feel absolutely nothing does seem just a little strange though. Sure, he never played for the Celtics but it’s almost like that college that really tries hard to recruit you. Durant very nearly went to North Carolina over Texas. Had Durant had to play against the Tar Heels in college it probably would’ve been pretty awkward. All of a sudden, everyone that loved you and wanted you wanted nothing more than to beat you. What the Celtics did this summer for him is directly comparable to a college recruitment.

The man most hung up in this has been Jae Crowder. Crowder was the one who told the media they showed Durant game film and felt personally betrayed when Durant landed in Oakland. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether Crowder will play Friday. He most likely would’ve gotten the assignment of guarding Durant. However Durant feels about Celtics fans, they haven’t exactly forgiven him. They, along with many NBA fans outside the Bay Area, saw it as the coward’s way out. He may not feel anything for the fans, but he’ll certainly hear them Friday night. I just urge Celtics fans to remember: he does have an opt out after this season.