The Deflategate nonsense that has circled this franchise for over a year and a half is just that – nonsense. It has been a thorn in the side of the Patriots and the team’s fans for too long. Tom Brady had finally come to a crossroads where he had to decide whether he should pursue his appeal to the Supreme Court or serve out the unjust 4-game suspension. He decided on the latter.

I cannot even imagine how much this hurts him. He is serving time for a crime he did not commit. He is taking a penalty that equals the penalty of drug and criminal violations. He is punished for an equipment violation that should have been a $25,000 fine. That is ludicrous and it stings. It stings bad.

President of the New England Patriots, Jonathan Kraft, spoke for the first time since Brady decided to comply with the 4-game suspension on the Patriots Radio Network’s pregame show, “I think I want to start by saying Tom Brady is exceptional….He is as good of a human being as you can get….For us, seeing him treated in a way that we don’t perceive to be fair eats at us greatly. And there’s still a tremendous amount of, there’s frustration around how the pure facts of science and lack of any type of tangible, hard evidence that certain people can look at those circumstances and then try to taint him or his legacy without that type of evidence. And that will always be a frustration that spurs anger here. Not having him play on the field, there will be an emptiness and you really feel for Tom, because you know how badly he wants to be out there.”

Seriously though, integrity seeps from Brady’s pores. He is humble, he looks out for other people and he loves the game. I do not believe he would do anything to jeopardize himself or the game of football. And, I don’t even know the guy. These are just the traits Brady has displayed through his actions on and off the field.

The fact that this whole scenario lacks the hard physical evidence the NFL investigation was supposed to come up with as proof is especially troubling. I still wonder what exactly it is about Tom Brady and/or the New England Patriots that Roger Goodell, team owners and/or the NFL has against them. All I can come up with is the mantra that seems to be trending “they hate us cause they ain’t us.”

I applaud this franchise for sticking by his side and supporting Brady in the choices he made. I think he made those choices for himself and his teammates. The possibility his appeal may not have been heard by the Supreme Court and the uncertainty of the timing of the Court’s decision would have brought different strategies, game plans and what-if’s all season long. This way, the focus could be on missing Brady the first four games and how to execute without him. Once the season starts, this team will go out there and show their support for Brady. They will play hard, do their job and hopefully, get a couple of wins to start strong.

I think it is safe to say that all New England Patriots fans feel the same as Jonathan Kraft. This is bogus. This is incredibly unfair. This is difficult to understand. There is nothing we can do about the situation, it is what it is. But, that doesn’t mean we still can’t be frustrated, annoyed, irked, or any other word you want to use to describe your feelings. The NFL is getting a disservice in its first 4 games this season. They do not have the pleasure of watching the greatest quarterback of all time play in a whole quarter of the season! Brady is not getting any younger; this opportunity will not last forever. One upside to this – watch out NFL. There is nothing like a Tom Brady scorned.

How much will you miss seeing Tom Brady on the field in September?