Jae Crowder entered the current season off an injury riddled 2015-16 season that concluded with a disappointing series versus Atlanta both personally and obviously as a team. The current season opened up decent enough but then BOOM another injury hit Jae. Uh oh, not again.

Since that injury and the eight straight games missed, Jae proceeded to suit up for every Cs game aside from two games missed recently for family reasons. In so doing Jae Crowder is also having, very quietly under the radar seemingly, a very solid and efficient season. Jae is literally among the NBA elite in terms of the productivity per dollar of annual salary. This is not an exaggeration. If Crowder played for any of the other three teams in Boston he assuredly would be receiving a lot more attention and praise.

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If we accept that 9 guys get the bulk of the minutes for an NBA team (could be more than nine but we’ll use nine for this), then there are 270 players in the league on the floor for a meaningful amount of time on a consistent basis. Here is where Jae Crowder ranks this season in the NBA in each category:

True Shooting % – 12th

Offensive Rating – 16th

Jae Crowder is currently recording career highs in 2016-17 in all of the following categories: True Shooting %, Effective FG %, 3PT %, Free Throw %, Assists/Game, Rebounds/Game, 3PT% on the Corner 3, and FG% from 0-3 feet.In short, Jae is very effective and efficient when he is on the floor.

It’s not really a surprise per se Jae ranks so high in the NBA in the two categories above, but let’s not undervalue their significance. Among almost 300 NBA caliber players Crowder ranks 16th in Offensive Rating. This measurement takes into account what the player could produce individually over 100 possessions (similar to a team’s offensive rating). The stat incorporates things such as turnovers, missed FGS, and free throws. As a reference Kevin Durant currently ranks 8th and IT4 is 9th. Jae Crowder has improved notably over last season when “he couldn’t shoot” according to most “experts” and the Cs got bounced rather abruptly by Atlanta in a series marred by Celtic inadequacy on offense.

Whether Crowder survives the current version of endless Celtics trade rumors remains to be seen. Either way, if he keeps playing this way he will be giving some team high quality minutes. Doing so in Boston would give fans and media “experts” more time to absorb what he is doing to help the Cs win ballgames.

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