The hero of Super bowl 49, the guy that made the big play in the last minutes. Every fan of the New England Patriots will know his name for a very long time and of course every Seahawk fan. Tom Brady said right before that play that the defensive needed to make a big play and then out of nowhere there he was, this young Rookie who just has been with the Patriots since 2014, intercepted the pass which went down in history as the worst call ever. He only had 2 interceptions, one of them led to another SB win for the Patriots. Of course he would be on the field for the next season, after something so heroic happened there. He himself couldn´t believe it and he cried when he walked off the field. If he is the real deal or not is truly out of question but the answer is yes. Sometimes a player needs a chance in the right moment until he rises and until he gets seen as somebody who can make it. He proved himself with doing something that was necessary in a crucial situation. They practiced that exact play, he knew how they would run that route and he stopped it. This was not a lucky moment; this was something he learned on the practice field and performed with nerves out of steel.

After that year he made it as one of the starters and ever since there were a lot of different opinions regarding his talent. If you look at some games from last season you can see him perform very well. Just to show an example, the young wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr from the New York Giants was covered by Butler and for that game he only had 4 receptions out of 12 attempts. Of course everybody was excited to see him play again, especially after fans have framed the picture of his interception and hung it up on the wall. And then there was the Giants game were you could see his talent and the effort he puts in every time, especially against such a great receiver like Beckham. Covering him that well and only allowing him to catch 4 balls that game meant a lot. It proved once again that he is able to perform on the highest level.  His true value sadly is still underrated and talent is not always shown in numbers and statistics.

It is not the first time, that the media pushes players on a high horse and then they fall real deep, like the QB Colin Kaepernick who had a really good year back in 2013. The media revolved around him like the earth the sun. Ever since that season we haven´t seen or heard from him any good. Butler felt lucky about making that catch and he stayed humbled, worked hard and improved and made him a steady player and for sure that interception gave him an ego boost.

If Butler wasn´t the right guy for the job Bill Belichick would have never kept him on the roster. A team has to function well and having only one star player doesn´t make a team good. It is enough if a genius coach sees your talent and the fans believe in you and you perform well on the field. Butler might not be a superstar, but I guess you could say that we´re glad about it. Let him be underrated, that is much better than being overrated. His performance in the 2015 season proved that he is the real deal. We hope he keeps up the great work and improves.

Thank you Malcom Butler for that goose bump Super Bowl finish.