Rob Gronkowski himself will cause a lot of double coverage and now Martellus Bennett comes into the play too. As they both have the same height and almost weigh the same there is no question about the power and meaning they will bring to the Patriots offense.

Not one defense was able to take him down last season, he was always catching passes and having an average of 78 yards per game. He is called the best Tight End of the league. He can block like a lineman, he can run, he can break tackles and he can do amazing catches with either one or two hands. No one yet has found a way to stop him, so it is no wonder he is dictating the defenses of the league. He is destroying the Patriots defense in training camp and he will continue doing it during regular season. In a breakdown article from the page there is a play explained which shows how the defense of a team has to make some changes playing against him. The situation is third and one, Bolden is lined up as Running Back and Chandler as a Full Back. Chandler moving in the slot and Gronkowski on the wide out. They open the field and right after the snap Brady tossed the ball over to Gronkowski. A linebacker in that athletic backwards movement seems to doesn´t even stand a chance. So with two Tight Ends and a Running Back on the field the defense starts with linebackers instead of corners because they are expecting the run. They have more big guys on the field and through that less mobility. While Chandler is blocking the guy in front of him, Gronk only needs to walk a few steps and hold his arms high. Brady throws to the end of the zone and Touchdown.

If a team would use a corner with more agility, the Patriots in that situation had an easy go with Bolden and go for the run. This is what makes it even harder to predict the upcoming move. It looks like the genius Belichick is, he forces the league to change and look for different talent. This seems to change the way it is played forever. Bill always looks for ways and plays that will make you forget everything you knew about how to play smart football. When they signed Martellus Bennett to the squad it was clear that he liked how the type of playing controlled the defenses and wanted to add another weapon.

Even though Bennett had a down year last season, he is stronger and faster than Chandler, so for the Patriots offense it is an upgrade. With two players who are strong we can look forward to new routes they will run and mix up the Backs once again. They couldn´t handle one Gronkowski, imagine two of him on the field. It is exciting how the game evolves and we can all be happy about Bennett joining the Patriots.