So after yesterdays pleasant surprise, as our severely undermanned squad came up with a victory against the always tough division rival Dolphins, it is “on to Houston”. The status of TE Rob Gronkowski is still listed as questionable as of this morning.

Gronk has been dealing with a leg, hamstring issue since he injured himself on August 15th. It has limited him in practice and of course everyone realizes he has not played yet this season. It does slowly seem to be improving as most sprains or strains do. Conspiracy theorists are saying that the injury is not as bad as the team is stating it is. These folks think that Gronk’s wild “balls to the wall” style of play is catching up with him somewhat. They also feel that the Patriots are using the forced time off of Tom Brady as a sort of “rest period” for Gronk.

I believe the realists do realize that the NFL season is a marathon and not a sprint. A healthy Gronk is vital for the season long success of the team, so resting him if he is injured and not rushing him back is the smartest move. Personally, I do not buy the conspiracy theory on Gronk but the Patriots are harder to read then a challenging textbook. In this day and age of media scrutiny and ability to get information worldwide in minutes, it would be almost impossible for the team to hide him.

Since my background is in the health field, I feel that this injury to Gronk is truly legit. A sprain or strain is one of the hardest injuries to gauge and everyone heals at a different rate. Not having a healthy leg-hamstring would eliminate one of Gronk’s greatest assets which is his speed. If he needs the rest then please let him have it. With the Brady suspension most folks were thinking a 2-2 start would be ok maybe 3-1. Do not jeopardize the entire season pushing Gronk back too soon. Bennett is playing like he is truly from “out of this world” and imagine when they are both in there !!! Let’s let the chips fall as they may and let Gronk rest till week 5 against the lowly Browns. With a healthy Gronk and the return of number 12, it is going to be a really really long day for the Cleveland squad. Let’s keep up the great work, Go Pats.