Patriot’s fans are becoming accustomed to having our way with our opponents. It has been the idea all along that if we have all of our players healthy, we will dominate. Looks like the Patriots ran into a coach that thinks a lot like their coach. Take away the other team’s best offensive threat(s). The Steelers managed, for the most part, to keep the Twin Towers under wraps.

How Did The Steelers Manage to Control the Towers?

It looks like the Steelers went with the simplest of game plans against the Pat’s TE duo. The game plan for stopping Gronk and Marty was to play nickle defence and cover the majority of passing options. For the most part, it worked relatively well. Other then the two long catches and one TD by Gronk, the pair did not exactly light it up. Coach Tomlin took the Belichick strategy of shutting down what he thought he could stop. Good idea except the Patriots have more weapons then the Steelers have methods to stop them.

Coaches Belichick and McDaniels obviously noted that the Steelers were playing the “stop the TEs defence”. They made their adjustments accordingly. They inserted more passes to Julian Edelman with JE 11 getting 9 catches in total. As the Steelers adjusted even more to stop the pass, then the Patriots ran it down Pittsburgh’s throat. The former Steeler LaGarette Blount trounced his old team with 127 yds and 2 TDs. Looks like no matter what the Steelers tried to stop, the Patriots had an answer.

Will The TE Duo Be Back?

Sorry it is a stupid question but had to throw it out there. By process of elimination and by the grace of good coaching, the duo of Gronk and Marty will be back. Don’t get me wrong, their contribution to the run game was not measured on the stat sheet. I guarantee you that Blount noticed their effort along with the O-line. In games to follow, if the opponents forget about Marty and Gronk then they will pay dearly. Only time will tell, but the pair is going to be vital to the Patriot’s success for the rest of the season.