During the last NHL lockout, the NHLPA lobbied for a bye week for each teamThis week was the Bruins turn to sit for a week

As a fan, I offer my opinion that forced to sit and watch the rest of the league play, is excruciating. It’s not logical to me and adds to the list of changes the NHL continues to roll out that makes it harder to comprehend and stay positive. I’d rather do away with the All Star game/break if this has to happen.

I’m a Bruins fan. They were rolling before this bye week. Now I wait like everyone else rooting for teams I can’t stomach because they’re playing division rivals. I’m really trying to understand why this is a good thing. If the Bruins come out tonight and pick up where they left off , which I believe they will, then it’s a moot point. The Atlantic division is catching up with the Bruins in terms of games played with no significant separation in the standings. I’ll take it.

With bye weeks, the All Star timeline sets it up so any given team could get ten to twelve days between games. That’s a coin flip on being something that makes or breaks a team’s season.

Did I mention how much I hate this?

The Bruins will open a four-game road trip starting out west tonight, ending in Dallas next Sunday.

If you’re a fan of any NHL team, a bye week is worse than the NFL bye week because you’re skipping three or four games as opposed to one. You may have to watch division opponents gaining or pulling further ahead of you. Why this is beneficial to the NHLPA is curious to me. We know the NHL owns the toughest athletes in the world but a week?  It’s almost March.   Why at this point?  I think it needs to be scrapped.

If you’re a Fantasy Hockey enthusiast and build with a successful team as your centerpieces, you’re forfeiting the bye week.

If you’re inclined and for some reason want to read the latest CBA in its entirety, here’s the link;

Here’s the dates for the NHL in terms of bye weeks;

  • Anaheim Ducks: Feb. 26 – March 2
  • Arizona Coyotes: Jan. 8-12
  • Boston Bruins: Feb. 13-17
  • Buffalo Sabres: Feb. 20-24
  • Calgary Flames: Feb. 8-12
  • Carolina Hurricanes: Feb. 12-16
  • Chicago Blackhawks: Feb. 13-17
  • Colorado Avalanche: Jan. 7-11
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: Feb. 20-24
  • Dallas Stars: Feb. 19-23
  • Detroit Red Wings: Feb. 22-26
  • Edmonton Oilers: Feb. 6-10
  • Florida Panthers: Feb. 4-8
  • LA Kings: Feb. 10-14
  • Minnesota Wild: Feb. 22-26
  • Montreal Canadiens: Feb. 13-17
  • New Jersey Devils: Feb. 7-11
  • New York Islanders: Jan. 1-5
  • New York Rangers: Jan. 8-12
  • Nashville Predators: Feb. 13-17
  • Ottawa Senators: Jan. 2-6
  • Philadelphia Flyers: Jan. 16-20
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: Jan. 1-7
  • San Jose Sharks: Feb. 20-24
  • St. Louis Blues: Feb. 21-25
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: Feb. 12-16
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Jan. 8-12
  • Vancouver Canucks: Feb. 20-24
  • Washington Capitals: Feb. 12-16
  • Winnipeg Jets: Feb. 22-26

Great news! The Bruins are back tonight and I’ll be doing nothing else but watching Bruce Cassidy and his team.