Moxie? What in the world is MOXIE? Well, moxie is defined as nerve, spirit, backbone, determination and fortitude, courage, force or character, verve, vigor, pep, energy, initiative, wit, skill and know-how.

Moxie is also a uniquely New England beverage created in Maine in 1876 and while it is word that could easily roll off the lips of the 1930’s Edward G. Robinson (Think – Yeah see, the Patriots are going to continue to dominate the NFL for the next 20 years, see! or even better yet, think Bugs Bunny.)

It is also a simple term that epitomizes all the New England Patriots are from their front office, to the field and without a doubt to their fans. It goes far beyond simple “swagger” or being braggadocios to a confidence in the ability to not just do the job but do it with excellence.

As the expression goes in Texas – “It ain’t bragging if you can do it” and there is where one of the great ironies of the Patriots lies. Bragging is not a part of the Patriot way.

However, a few examples of the Patriots moxie and is it by no means an exhaustive list.

  • Patriots fan and owner Robert Kraft puts up over $300M to have Gillette Stadium built
  • Patriots only display their Super Bowl banners
  • Tom Brady is the first to arrive at practice and the last to leave
  • Malcolm Butler is given the nickname “Scrap” for his style of play
  • Gronk tossing people out the club after they had been jawing at him all game
  • Patriots fans Free Brady chants and defending the wall through Deflategate

So the rest of the NFL can keep their swagger and continue to hate us because they ain’t us. I’d much rather live my life with moxie just like the team I will continue to root for until the day I die.