Well it is almost game day again and all the talk is on players like Brady, Gronk, and Bennett and for good reason.The forgotten player on offense is becoming Julian Edelman and that is a scary concept for opposing defenses to ponder.I believe this is the week where Edelman reminds all other teams and NFL fans why he is such a great player and pity the Bengals players trying to cover him on Sunday.

Opposing teams like to try and shut down the opposing team’s best offensive player.  The Patriots will be trying to eliminate A.J.Green from the Bengals’ offensive equation and the Bengals are going to try and shut down who?  Realistically, the Bengals would try and double either Gronk or Bennett since they have done a majority of the offensive damage for the Pats.  What that leaves is one on one coverage for the others, which should be fantastic news for Julian Edelman.  Trying to cover Edelman one on one is like trying to juggle Jello, almost impossible.  He can break off short routes, go down the seam for a more mid-range pass, and of course go deep.  The quick hitters are more likely where he and the Pats will prosper since there would be no time for other defenders to help.  It is going to be a smorgasbord for Brady and the offensive main course should be Edelman this week.

There should be no reason why Edelman does not reel in 8-10 catches for around 120-150 yards this week.  This will likely occur early in the game since the Bengals will likely start doubling him after that before the TEs eat the Bengals for lunch.  I would also say that Edelman will get one of the Patriots’ five touchdowns I see them scoring.  This will be another statement game by Brady and he will use Julian Edelman to help prove his point.  The Bengal’s DBs will not be able to handle the mess of plays the Patriots will be throwing at them, literally.  Adam Jones may go back to Pac-Man except he is the one that is going to be eaten by Edelman and Brady—stay tuned.

Go Patriots.