Even though Tom Brady was forced to serve a four game suspension for his role in DeflateGate, he might not be the real loser.

Brady is now back and is playing better than ever. Through two weeks he holds a 76% completion rate, a 135.5 passer rating and has thrown for 782 yards with 6 touchdowns. The Patriots are 2-0 during his return and have put up 68 points.

As DeflateGate has forced NFL officials to closely monitor the PSI of footballs, Aaron Rodgers, not Tom Brady, has been struggling mightily. Last year during the heart of the DeflateGate scandal Rodgers made some interesting comments on how he prepares his footballs.

“I like to push the limit to how much air we can put in the football, even go over what they allow you to do and see if the officials take air out of it.”

Rodgers was not punished or investigated like Brady was, but he might be feeling the discipline through his play.

Last season Rodgers completed just 60.7% of his passes, the lowest of his career as a starter. The season he has just completed 60.2% of his passes through five games.

His 3,821 yards last season were the lowest of his career in which he started at least 15 games. The 238.8 yards per game ranked last in his career. He is on pace again for statistically low yardage numbers this year averaging 234 yards per game.

Rodgers’ touchdown numbers haven’t dropped significantly. He tossed 31 touchdowns last season and threw just 8 interceptions. But he’s thrown just 10 touchdown passes this season and already has 4 interceptions.

In Rodgers’ last ten games last year he did not have a quarterback rating of over 100. And through five games this season Rodgers has not recorded a rating of 100 or over. He also hasn’t thrown for over 300 yards in a game since Week 9 of last season. Quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trevor Siemian, Alex Smith, Cody Kessler and Case Keenum all are some quarterbacks who have topped 300+ passing yards in a game just this season.

Brady on the other hand threw for 376 yards against Cincinnati and 406 yards the previous week against Cleveland. He topped 300 yards seven times last season and hit 299 in another game.

So as Tom Brady took the four game suspension, Aaron Rodgers might be the real loser here. Brady looks like he has his Patriots ready for a Super Bowl run while Rodgers is searching for answers.

“It’s not an advantage when you have a football that’s inflated more than average air pressure. We’re not kicking these footballs,” said Rodgers.