Hopefully this Nets loss was a sign of things to come. This game started sloppy, but there were some good moments for the Celtics throughout the game.


Terry Rozier can create his own shot.

The Celtics lost their best shot creator in Evan Turner this summer, but Terry Rozier showed tonight that he can create space to get a good shot off. That is going to be important for this team this year. Having a player that can create his own shot helps when the shot clock is getting low, or the team is struggling to get open shots.

One of these days Jaylen Brown…

One morning Jaylen is going to wake up and realize that he can do just about anything he wants to on an NBA court. Right now he is still seeing what works and what doesn’t. What he needs to work on and what already works. There are going to be a lot of learning moments for Jaylen, but once he can stop focusing on thinking and start focusing on playing he will be really really good.

D-Jack was jacked to play in the Garden.

Demetrius Jackson tweeted sometime yesterday how psyched he was to play in front of the Boston faithful tonight and he wasn’t kidding. Jackson came into the game late in the third quarter and played with a lot energy. His first couple offensive possessions featured a nice assist to Young, and another nice pass that led to free throws for Zeller. I am loving the energy, poise, and passion that D-Jack is bringing to the floor this preseason.



The Celtics were a little sloppy with the ball tonight, recording 24 turnovers. Some of that could have been fatigue, but a large part of it was poor play in transition. Fortunately, the Celtics shot the ball good enough to nullify those turnovers and still pull out a victory.

Brook Lopez is a very good player.

Lopez is an All-Star level center, which may or may not be good news for the celtics.If he stays with the Nets this season, then he will help them win a few games here or there. The addition of a three point shot will make him that much harder to deal with. If the Nets realize that they will likely not be good enough in the short term to build a team around Lopez, then they may look to deal him for youth or draft picks. Either way Lopez will improve the Nets, but hopefully not enough.

There is still another preseason game left.

I think we have all seen enough at this point to start the season. Seven preseason games is probably three too many, but there are some positives still to come from it. The deep bench will likely get a good look, which will be great for the players that likely won’t be in the league to start the season. Maybe I am wrong and the minutes are similar to tonight’s minutes, but I am thinking that the last preseason game will be similar to the fourth preseason game in football. Where the young guys get to prove that they belong in the league, or almost belong in the league. I am sure there are quite a few international scouts that like those deep bench games.