The Celtics beat the 76ers tonight 107-106. Dario Saric made it exciting in the end with a pull-up 3. But the Celtics execution in the final seconds secured the win. While Horford was only 4-10, and couldn’t carry over the success he had yesterday the Celtics found offense from a couple of shorter guys. Thomas and Bradley exploded for 57 points. The Celtics need to focus on the defensive end, but for now they add another road win to their resume. The keys to the game:


The Celtics back-court is, seriously, the bomb.

Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley combined for 57 points, 13 rebounds, and 9 assists. Sergio Rodriguez and Nick Stauskas combined for 25, 7, and 8.

The Celtics guards continue their streak of out-scoring their opposing counterparts and played especially well in the second half.

Isaiah contributed to one of the plays of the game, when he saved a deflection that was heading out of bounds. The play resulted in a transition slam-dunk from Jaylen Brown.

And Avery’s shooting was a steadying presence on offense all game long. They desperately need his scoring to keep pace with the red-hot Sixers tonight.


The Celtics went into the half time break down by 8. They were being out-played. I would say the main issue was simple: energy.

The 76ers were playing with more purpose, grit, and energy in the first half. Despite missing many key players, they were out-hustling a team that gained a reputation last season as a group of hustlers.

But, the Celtics ended up finding their rhythm and fight in the second half and came away with yet another road win.


The Celtics had to drive the ball, and score at the rim to win this game. And they answered the call and took what the defense gave them.

The Celtics shot 20 for 30 within 5 feet of the rim. Despite shooting only 30% from behind the 3 point line in this game, they were able to create enough offense inside the arc to win.


The Boston Celtics have performed better on the road than they have at home for the last few weeks. Since Nov 12th they are 6-1 on the road, including their win over the Pacers in Indiana that night.

They’re 2-3 at home in that same span. Losing to a Detroit team that is suddenly playing really well, as well as the Spurs and Warriors.

Hopefully they can carry their road success into Houston on Monday and earn another road win against the Rockets at 8:00 PM.