Well this is one to forget if you’re a Celtics fan. And there is absolutely no excuse for what occurred tonight. However, there might be an explanation. So, excuse me while I search for it.

Mudiay crushed the Celtics:

Emmanuel Mudiay made 9 of his first 10 attempts and scored 23 points in the first quarter. He finished with 30.

He absolutely dominated the Celtics tonight. First attacking the rim, then hitting threes. Then getting teammates involved.

The Celtics tried to throw different players at him, and slow him down. None of them worked. Bradley couldn’t do it. Rozier couldn’t either. Smart did an okay job of it in the second quarter, but it was too late.

Celtics have real defensive issues:

The Celtics came into this game as the 29th ranked defense in the NBA. They were even worse tonight. The Celtics gave up 77 points in the first half to the Nuggets.

Mudiay hit 3 of his first 4 threes. Then, it was Wilson Chandler’s turn to impact the game. Then it was Gallinari.

The Nuggets were absolutely hot from everywhere on the floor. The Celtics weren’t aggressive enough on defense. The Celtics weren’t tight, in people’s shirts. They didn’t contest well. The Cs weren’t physical on the ball.

All of this absolutely has to change for the Celtics to reach their goals this season.

Celtics not physical:

This ties into defensive issues, but can be seen on either side of the court as well as on the boards. The Celtics are not playing a physical brand of basketball now. They need to.

Brad said it to Abby Chin on the post-game just a few minutes ago. He said We haven’t played physical in awhile.

The Celtics need to be physical on defense. Boxing out. Setting screens. Attacking the basket.

They need to put the effort in, put their bodies on the line, and be physical and smart. You cannot foul. Have to be tough, but have to smart. The Celtics aren’t physical enough, and when they choose to be they go overboard and foul.

Ultimately, this game only counts once:

It is just one game. The Celtics fall to 3-3, and Boston played awful defensively. However, the Celtics will have an opportunity to put this game behind them, and get back to work Wednesday night against the Wizards.