The Celtics have struggled to win the battle of the boards so far this preseason. Opponents have pulled down 233 rebounds to Boston’s 205. The real issue is the amount of offensive rebounds the Celtics have given up. Opponents have a 54 to 36 edge over Boston. If Ainge is looking to make a trade anytime soon, then he will most likely try to add rebounding to the team. Two potential targets to help fulfill that need are the often rumored big men Demarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe.

The Celtics have a lot of trade ammunition thanks to their General Manager acquiring valuable first round picks. The problem with trades this time of year is that teams tend to have full rosters, and cannot take on extra contracts without cutting the player. It is more likely that as the season unfolds Danny will patiently wait for an opportunity to acquire a rebounding big. Injuries can change a team’s willingness to strike a deal pretty quickly.

Looking at the depth chart, once Al Horford leaves the floor the team is left with very little rebounding. In fact, their best rebounders after Horford come from the guard position in Smart and Rozier. I like this team a lot, and I especially like the talent at guard positions, and small forward position. It would be very difficult to convince me to trade any players from those three positions, with the exceptions being Young and Hunter. The bigs on the other hand, I could see anyone not named Horford or Green being traded if Ainge thinks he could get an upgrade. Ainge has show in the past that he can find an under the radar player, who is ready to make a jump. Perhaps it is time for trader Danny to strike again.