The Celtics played a tired Orlando Magic squad on the second night of a back-to-back. They took advantage in the second half. Despite Isaiah Thomas missing the game, the Celtics dominated the magic. Avery Bradley, and Terry Rozier were very impressive. Jaylen Brown had one of his best games as a pro. Here’s the keys to the win.

Guards Step Up

The Celtics got fantastic production from their guards. Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier all had very good games.

Terry Rozier finds his way to the bucket for the hoop and the harm.

– Boston Celtics (@celtics) December 8, 2016

Terry Rozier set his career-high in points with 16. He also added a big spark defensively in the second half. Rozier used his long arms to get into passing lanes and create turnovers. He also finished with 5 rebounds and 2 assists. Rozier was put in a tough spot, missing Isaiah the team needed him to come through. He delivered in a big way.

Marcus Smart was also very good tonight. He was 5 for 7 from the field, for 13 points. Marcus needed to pick his spots and be efficient on offense tonight, and he did just that. Smart was impressive, despite not forcing things or trying to do too much. He provided what the game needed from him. He also had 3 rebounds and 3 assists.

However, Avery Bradley was the guy that stepped up the most. Avery was a steadying presence for the Celtics offense. And he took over the role that Isaiah would normally occupy, in the sense that every time the Celtics’ offense started to struggle Avery would get the ball and make a shot. Bradley finished with 23 points on 7 for 14 shooting from the field.

2nd Half Defense

The Celtics played excellent defense in the second half of tonight’s game. They held the Magic to 37 points in the half. The Magic aren’t a good offensive team this season, and after allowing 50 in the first half they needed to play better in the second half. They played great defense in the second half and built a 30 point lead.

Brad Stevens on giving up just 37 second-half points: That second half was as good as we’ve guarded all year.

– Boston Celtics (@celtics) December 8, 2016

Stevens: We were locked in with our coverages. We were making it as difficult as possible for them to get good, clean looks.- Boston Celtics (@celtics) December 8, 2016

Jaylen Brown Was Awesome!

Jaylen Brown drives with the left, and smashes the rim with his right. Get out of the way!

– Boston Celtics (@celtics) December 8, 2016

Jaylen Brown’s stat line might not jump off the page. He finished with 13 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 assist, and was 5-8 from the floor in 21 minutes.

But his energy was excellent and he was electric in transition. He provided 2 big dunks on the night, and those dunks gave the team energy.

Avery Bradley cracks a big smile at mention of Jaylen’s slam: Just know that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of those in his career.

– Boston Celtics (@celtics) December 8, 2016

When Will Isaiah Be Back?

The Celtics play the Raptors on Friday. This is an important game for the division and the conference standings. The Celtics played very well without Isaiah tonight, but it is debatable whether that could continue for longer than a game or two. It’s quite possible the Celtics will miss their pint-sized mega star before too long. Hopefully he can be back for the Raptors.