Well let’s dismiss that game against the Mouth of Lake Erie Rex Ryan since it was with a depleted roster. The NFL has been placed on notice this season. Patriot’s have the best offensive puzzle ever built when all players are healthy and with all its pieces in place it is very difficult to solve.

The Puzzle Itself:

Our cornerstone of the offence is of course Tom Brady. He is the fuel that runs that engine always. Next we have a solid backfield with LaGarrette Blount, White, and recently Foster. They can be great if called upon or they can act as decoys and are all solid blockers. The real strength of this Patriot’s puzzle on offence is the receivers. This is an embarrassment of riches that must be a huge nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators. Obviously defensive players try to stop Gronk and Marty who are becoming the best duo of tight ends ever put together. These players

can catch the ball, they can run block, and if they get in the open field it is like trying to take a train off the tracks—good luck. Next we have a great compliment of wide receivers. The obvious choice is Edelman who can be so dominant that he can virtually win a game alone. There is also his sidekick Amendola and this year’s great surprise Chris Hogan. Also let’s not forget Malcolm Mitchell either.

If the Patriots execute on offence, with Brady reading the defences as he does, the opponents should have really no chance at all. First thing people will say reading this, is that things are not that simple. Well I want to show you some examples of how it is that simple really. If the opponents play base defence then Brady just does whatever he wants, too easy. If the opponents focus on the tight ends then the wide receivers have huge days. If the opponents rush the QB with extra pressure, Brady will recognize and react with short quick passes and bubble screens. There are more scenarios and the Patriot’s offence has already played out that scenario in their favour. It is as simple as that really.

The key is execution and if this offence is executed as it is drawn up it is unstoppable. If opposition defensive units can stop the Patriots then I will be watching and I will give them credit. Till then I am still waiting and yes I am watching. Let’s go Patriots.