Speed, hands and an unbelievable ability to make plays have been shown throughout this entire year by the young superstar David Pastrnak. The video just shows a quick view of Pastrnak’s talent. Drafted three years ago, but technically a rookie last year, he has had a break out season that not many people expected this year. Especially in a league where unless you are drafted in the first few picks it takes a while for you to develop into a great player.

This league is full of young superstars, whether it be the speed and overall play making ability of Connor McDavid or just the hype and scoring ability of Auston Matthews. Pastrnak is one of those up and coming superstars in the NHL. He may not be on the talent level of McDavid or Matthews or even have the hype of those two but he had an  incredible start early this year. He is just as flashy with his puck handling and goal scoring abilities those two number one picks.

Pastrnak has had a great breakout season for the Bruins when they have needed it badly. He has that knack for scoring goals, with 19 in a little more than  30 games.  He could  become a 40+ goal scorer in the NHL, now sitting in the top five in goals this year. This is coming off a season where he had 15 goals in more than 50 games last year. This young superstar is just starting to learn how to play in the NHL.

The 20-year-old star was well-known in the Czech Republic but has been overshadowed by the amount of young talent in the NHL. He is now starting on the line with the Bruins two best players, Patrice Bergeron and  Brad Marchand. Then duo was already a dangerous, but adding Pastrnak increased the goal scoring and play making on this line. He has had a couple of months with the line and they have the talent to become a great offensive line for this Bruins team.

The first half of the season has been up and down so far for the Bruins with injuries and offensives issues due to those injuries, but Pastrnak has been one of the constants. The game winner against Florida shows his greatness and  his abilities with the puck in the open ice. His goal scoring ability is definitely top-notch.

However, over the past month the young kid has gone into a bit of a goal-scoring drought. He has not scored since the Penguins game in early December. With this kid’s talent, it is only a matter of time for him to break out this and start another tear like he had earlier this season. At multiple points during the season he was either tied for the league lead or lead the league in goals.

Bruin’s fans need to learn who this kid is and start calling him by his nickname “Pasta.” He has every skill set needed to become a superstar in this league and is worth watching every time he skates on the ice. It is time for us fans to sit back and watch the growth of him throughout this season and his career.