Bruins Fire Claude Julien,  promote Providence minor league Coach Bruce Cassidy

Lets preempt this article with the off-season non moves by Bruins ownership and front office. How can you trust ownership that is based in Buffalo NY, not fans of the team but big fans of money?

Have you ever wondered why Robert G. Orr has never been a part of this management group? They don’t care, they know you’ll spend $80 for a ticket, and $10 for a beer, not to mention parking. That’s a great day for ownership, even when you’re blanked 5-0 at home.

Many will regurgitate the old cliché “time for a change” and/or “someone needs to be accountable” to them I say you’re delusional.

Now Bruce Cassidy will be the savior? Get real! He’s a lifetime amateur and minor league coach which is great.  Because that’s what he’s inheriting.


The problem here is the wrong people were fired. Don Sweeney and Cam Neely are gutless. Neither one of these two puppets for Delaware North had the spine to stand up to Jeremy Jacobs when it came to putting a quality product on the ice.

They set Claude Julien up to fail. Say what you want, but this team doesn’t have the talent to finish games or be competitive. Every game is a nail biter, even against the basement dwelling teams.

I for one am sick of the “Bruins Way.”  The non-moves, the deadline looming and I’d bet my right arm Sweeney and/or Neely will do squat. Let’s not let ownership off the hook here. They opened the vault more than five years ago.   They won the Cup then like Wayne Huizenga of the Florida Marlins in the 90s, preceded to dump players, replacing them with minor leaguers.


With exception of the first line, can you tell me the rest of this squad isn’t a glorified minor league team? Oh wait…They gave David Backes a five year, $30 million dollar contract.  Laughable.

Glance down this roster, then glance at the rosters of Pittsburgh, Montreal, Ottawa, and Washington.  All well-balanced teams built for long runs. Is Bruce Cassidy going to miraculously turn this pumpkin into a majestic carriage? He’s a friend of Don Sweeney’s, who was promised the job. A crony that won’t last behind the bench. The great Scotty Bowman couldn’t help this team. They aren’t good enough.


To do this today when possibly over a million people will flood Copley square, Boylston Street and City Hall Plaza to celebrate a team that is committed to winning is gutless. Don Sweeney’s press Conference set for 11:30 am? Who’s going to see or hear it before the 6:00 PM news? Don Sweeney was a heartless player in my opinion who benefited from playing with Raymond Bourque. He is an even worse GM, afraid to lose his job by speaking out. We all know any deals would need to go through Cam Neely, another puppet for ownership. No integrity whatsoever.

The bottom-line is this team was putrid from the start of the season with Pasternak, Marchand, Rask and Begeron your only bright spots on this team.

Claude was setup to fail and whether you agree or not, by the end of the season this theory will be proven. If you think the Bruins are going to go out and make a splash by midnight February 28th, I feel as bad for you as I do Claude Julien.

Good luck Claude! Thank you for ending a drought that looks to re-emerge in your absence. I know you’ll be employed before this team turns it around. Maybe Garth Snow picks you up and puts you behind the Islanders bench.  A real surging team. For this Bruins fan that will be sweet justice that it was this organization, not you, that was and always is the problem.

To the rest of the fan base supporting this I’ll throw a cliche back at you; “Be careful what you wish for”.

Now lets see what Bruce Almighty can do.