When People think of Brandon Spikes, they think of an energetic, outspoken, sometimes over the top player who tends to leave it all on the field come gameday. Early on in his New England career, Spike’s presence was always heard and rarely ever went unnoticed. His aggression and play making in the purest form made him fun to watch, but the off the field lackluster behavior, along with his twitter trigger comments, had many including some of the coach’s question whether he was a true patriot at heart.

After a few years with the Pats, in a rash and unfriendly exit from Foxborough following a year on injured reserve, Brandon Spikes joined Bills Mafia where he would become a hard-nosed trash-talking defensive lineman. He would do all his talking on social media, bashing his former team anticipating the chances of playing them each year. Spike’s departure included some harsh tweets directed at the prized organization, calling himself a ’slave for 4 years’. Contrary to the fact, Spikes seemed to forget he was challenging the world champs. In that case, I believe the saying goes if you can’t beat them join them, so in 2015, Spikes did just that. The linebacker would return and come to a new contract agreement with the defending Superbowl champions. Once again, Spikes would cling to his former organization, but would bad habits resurface?

Spike’s second stint in New England was short stayed, a hit and run accident had had him off the team within a month. Spikes rear-ended a Nissan Murano while driving his Mercedes on a Massachusetts highway last June. After the incident, Spikes was ordered a year of probation, with an additional 4 game suspension handed down, but more importantly a year away from football. What he would experience in this next year away from the game would change his outlook, raise his spirits, and sharpen his mind as he looked to return to the game.

After a recent injury to one of the Buffalo Bills’ Linebackers earlier on in camp, a familiar face was called upon to join the team, former captain, Brandon Spikes. Spikes will lace up the cleats for his former team come 2016. Extremely humbled to be apart of the NFL again, he spoke on it in a past interview. Speaking on his accident of more than a year ago, Spikes reflected in great gratitude, something that came as a surprise to the media along with fans of the game.

“I could have died, I could have killed somebody, I’m Here. I’m Healthy, I could have ended my career, who knows? I’m here for a reason, and I’m going to figure that out, and it’s just a chapter in my book” These were words from a changed man, according to Buffalo press, Spikes went on to say referring to his time away from football “You grow from something like that. When something is taken away from you that you love and you can’t do it anymore, you take a huge step of growth, I think”

Spikes ended his re-evaluation speech by adding “I could have folded” “A lot of people do, they turn to alcohol, they turn to other things. They go into a hole and never come out. But I think about Urban Meyer, (Spike’s college mentor) I go back to that program. He always preached mental toughness, and I always prepared for that moment.”

On the subject of mental toughness, Belichick is also one to preach on that matter enforcing it religiously and often refers to the saying “there’s no shortcut to being mentally tough” solidifying the change that Spikes is now seeing. Spikes has started a new vegan diet; he seems to be in high spirits looking to build relationships with the new teammates around him. Spikes seems privileged for the opportunity he has ahead of him, and as for his infamous twitter game all his bio reads now is “Learning from my mistakes…. bear wit me” as the wise man once said, actions speak louder than words.