Aside from his wedding band, Tom Brady has the four most important pieces of jewelry a football player could want. Super Bowl rings. In fact, he is always striving for the next one. Patriots fans and probably the players and coaches, too, are hoping this is the year Tom will become the only quarterback to have five rings and put to rest the debate of who is the G.O.A.T.

Brady has a plethora of other accomplishments in his football career as well. Not only was he drafted 199th in the 2000 NFL Draft, but he proved that hard work pays off as he became a part of the head coach-quarterback duo that will likely be one of the winningest duos in history. Brady is also a three time Super Bowl MVP and two-time league MVP winner. Brady has been selected to the Pro Bowl 11 times in his career.

This season, Tom is 39 years old. Sadly, he is not getting any younger. However, he has been stellar and is close to breaking some pretty impressive records. He is less than 2,000 yards away from becoming the 5th quarterback to reach 60,000 yards and just over 3,300 yards shy of passing Dan Marino for third all time in career passing yards. One or both of these records could be Brady’s this year. Brady is also only forty-seven completions shy of becoming the 4th quarterback to complete 5000 passes in his career. Yet, another record he could surpass this season.

One of the most notable achievements Brady could beat this year is one he currently shares with Peyton Manning. The two are currently tied at four seasons with 35 or more touchdowns. Since Manning has hung up his helmet, Tom Brady could own this one soon.

The individual accolades are definitely amazing. Except that Tom Brady is the guy that enjoys his team’s successes more than his own personal wins. He is the guy that deflects comments about his great performances to recognize the fantastic plays of his teammates. This is a team that takes the field together, instead of being introduced individually. This is a team that focuses on working hard, learning from their mistakes and moving on. This is a team that wins together and loses together. It is the Patriot Way.

Either way you look at Tom Brady, as an individual or one of the leaders of the New England Patriots, he is both humble and talented. He is extraordinary at his job – preparing for the game, studying the films and executing the plays. Brady deserves the positive recognition he receives from his individual and team triumphs. I cannot wait for Brady to get back on the football field this season. But, when the time comes (many, many, many years from now), you can stamp my ticket to watch the greatest quarterback of all time take his place in Canton.