Brad Stevens has been a gift to the Celtics Nation. The team has steadily improved every year during his tenure. There’s no reason to believe this season will be any different.

In the beginning of the last four seasons, the Celtics start has been 3-4, which is where it sits as of this writing. During Stevens’ first season, the start was 3-4. Of course, we all know that season isn’t the one we are aspiring to. The next season also saw a start of 3-4. That season ended with the C’s sneaking into the playoffs as the seventh seed. Even though they were swept, improvements that were well ahead of schedule had been made.

Last season was the best one yet in the Brad Stevens era. The C’s finished in an unprecedented four-way tie that saw them settling for the fifth seed. Even though they exited in the first round, they still improved with a 48-34 record. This season saw Isaiah Thomas flourish into an All-Star and Avery Bradley make the NBA All-Defensive First team. It was a great season. And it started with a 3-4 record.

This season hasn’t started the way anyone in the Celtics Nation has wanted. Expectations were sky high, especially with the addition of Al Horford. Injuries have sidelined key players and the defense that was once this team’s bread and butter is nonexistent at this point. But don’t panic just yet. The season is young. Isaiah and Avery have been performing wonderfully. When Al and Jae Crowder are healthy again, the entire dynamic of this team will dramatically change.

We have to trust that Brad Stevens knows what he’s doing. He has brought us further, faster than anyone could have imagined. He will continue to do so. And if history repeats itself, this start only tells us that this season, the C’s will go further once more.