Just the first game back from the All Star break finds Brad Marchand back in the media this week due to another on-ice incident of a slew foot yesterday against Anton Stralman of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Marchand tripped Stralman late in the second period but avoided a penalty and Stralman sustained no injury.

This marks the second time in the past couple of weeks where it looks like Marchand intentionally tripped a player from behind. However this looks a little less egregious than the Niklas Kronwall trip a couple weeks ago.  The NHL won’t punish Marchand, finding the trip unintentional.

Stralman spoke out about this, stating “I can’t tell if there should have been a penalty.   There’s contact and I fall. I can’t say if he did anything or not, I’m not the puck holder. I’m out in the neutral zone and I get hit from behind. That’s all I have to say.”


The Kronwall trip looked more intentional than this trip on Stralman. The defenseman was skating backwards and it looked more accidental. The Kronwall trip looked clearly intentional, but opinions differ. Marchand has a reputation around the NHL and many people were surprised the NHL won’t punish him because of this trip. He has been a repeat offender in the league, offering strong opinions in favor of punishment. His history seems stacked against him,denying him the benefit of the doubt.

Whether you believe he did this on purpose or whether it was accidental, Marchand needs to quit getting himself in these situations. They look dirty and can cause serious injuries to players. Given his reputation, there was a surprise around the league that he wasn’t suspended or at least fined.

Good news for Bruins fan’s, Brad Marchand should be in the lineup tonight against the high powered Washington Capitals, coming off a tough loss against the New York Islanders.