When Garoppolo went down Sunday it was up to the veterans to pave the way for the young rookie quarterback out of North Carolina State, which they did. Brissett looked raw to start, as any young 22 year old would look after being thrown into a game against one of the top ranked defenses in the league.  During the second half, the line played great, blocking the elusive front seven of the Dolphins, and the receiving core got open for quick routes, much like they did in the first half. Early in the third quarter the play of our running backs began to show, unsure of how Brissett would do with the receiving core he had very little chemistry with in the preseason, we began to pound the rock.

In the midst of a potential Miami comeback, Blount was able to punch in the only New England touchdown of the second half. Overall, he had 15 carries for 92 yards in the second half, with a handful of those yards coming in the final six minutes of play when we needed it the most. The powerful duo of Blount with the leading blocks of James Develin, aided with the line protection made a statement on how well our Patriots close out games.  We had all the protection in the world, “he could have been running with a beach ball and still would of ran all over us” to reminisce on deflate gate a bit. Blount force Trauma ran with authority and made his mark on that front seven of the Dolphins.

Kyle Pinheiro
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