At his press conference this week, Bill Belichick was asked about his use of analytic websites, which measure whatever data you are looking to assess. For example, one can analyze a play based on a situation and need. Or they can even examine quarterback release times. When asked about these websites, Belichick had a reaction similar to his reaction towards the sideline tablets, “What the hell is that? You can take the advance websites and metric them with whoever you want. I have no idea. I haven’t looked at one, I don’t even care to look at one. I don’t care what they say.”

Belichick continued on a rant, “as far as the quarterback goes, read the coverage, throw the ball to the open receiver. Take the best matchup. That’s what it is in a nutshell. The quicker we’re open, the clearer the picture, the sooner the ball is going to come out. If we don’t have anyone open, who is the quarterback gong to throw the ball to?” He has a point.

This was not the first time the hooded genius was asked about analytic websites. Last year, he told WEEI 93.7 FM that he really does not find accuracy in the websites. So, the Patriots evaluate themselves during and after the game to come up with their own conclusions on situations in football.

Belichick is old school and his analytics are his own experiences, skill, scouting and physically working with players. He studies film, he watches practice and he watches games to measure player ability and talent. So far, the lack of advanced technology seems to be working just fine for Coach Belichick.