The Atlantic division is an interesting place now. Nothing has changed since we last updated you. Nothing on the ice that is.

Montreal still has the top spot with 70 points in front of Ottawa (64 points) and Boston (64). Toronto is (63 points) is one point behind these two. Toronto, also is one slot behind the Rangers (75 points) out of the wild card slot.

The only thing we’ve heard this week has been personnel changes between the Canadiens and Bruins.

The Bruins are happy with their new coach, Bruce Cassidy and the Canadiens fired Michel Therrien and hired Claude Julien one week after the Bruins fired him. Claude’s second stint since Montreal Fired him back on Jan 13th 2006.

“I would like to sincerely thank Michel for his relentless work with the Montreal Canadiens over his eight seasons behind the bench, including the last five seasons when we worked together,”

Marc Bergevin said in a release. “The decision to remove Michel from his coaching duties was a difficult one because I have lots of respect for him.

“I came to the conclusion that our team needed a new energy, a new voice, a new direction. Claude Julien is an experienced and well respected coach with a good knowledge of the Montreal market.

Claude has been very successful as an NHL coach and he won the Stanley Cup. Today we hired the best available coach, and one of the league’s best.

I am convinced that he has the capabilities to get our team back on the winning track.” –Marc Bergevin GM of the Montreal Canadiens

Montreal apparently asked for permission to speak with Julien on the Sunday they were shutout by the Bruins.

Other than this chess match between the all-time rivals will play-out perfectly if the Bruins can pick it up where they left off this coming Sunday on their west Coast road trip starting with the Sharks.

Ottawa plays New Jersey tonight February 16th 2017. The only Atlantic division opponent playing tonight. It would be great to see the Bruins chip away at the four games it has in hand on them.

We have a four team division, 5 if the Panthers start rolling sitting at 60 points.