FOXBOROUGH- Tom Brady has been the commander of the Patriots offense since 2001. Yes, the good ol’ glory days, even when he was not the elite quarterback as we know him to be today. But everyone starts somewhere, whether you were the game manager, or the ball boy, you have to start somewhere. Jimmy Garoppolo has officially started “somewhere.” I say that because he finally has dipped his toe into the overwhelming waters of the NFL. He played extremely well in knocking off a star-studded team like the Cardinals, and then went back home to Gillette Stadium and simply put up jaw dropping numbers against the Dolphins.

Remember this folks, teams give up a King’s Ransom of draft picks for a draft spot and these players aren’t even battle tested. Meaning they haven’t yet played a down of professional football, but are treated like seasoned All Pro’s. We all remember the Robert Griffin III (RG3) scenario when Washington legit gave up the King’s Ransom to attain him. The Redskins gave up their #6 overall pick in the draft, their 2nd round pick that year, a 1st round pick 2013, and finally a 1st round pick for 2014. So my theory here is, why wouldn’t a quarterback needy team give up the same for a more battle tested quarterback?

If the Redskins gave up that many picks to attain a player coming out of college why wouldn’t a team do so for Jimmy G? We all know how the commissioner Roger Goodell docked the Patriots $1 million, 1st round pick in 2016, and a 4th round pick in 2017 for an act that the NFL couldn’t even prove. As you can tell I still am not quit over the “Deflate Gate” scandal, sorry folks did not mean to go on quick rant. But so far Jimmy G is totally worth a 1st round pick he sat behind Tom Brady (going on his 3rd year), and has been groomed by Belichick. But if we turn and trade him we would essentially get them back and possibly get more than what was taken.

Through 2 games (really only 1 ½ games) Jimmy G has put up some lights out statistics, and they are jaw dropping. His stats have been, 71.2% completion rating, 496 yards, 4 touchdowns, an average of 8 yards a pass, on average of 248 yards per game, and finally a 119 Quarterback Rating (QBR). When reading those stats if they did not give you chills down your spine, you are lying through your teeth. I personally did not even think the young QB would do that good. If the Vikings traded a 1st round pick for Sam Bradford and a team wouldn’t be willing to do the same for Jimmy G they are out of their mind.

Jimmy has honestly done an outstanding job, and would most likely be sitting at 4-0 if he didn’t go down with a sprained AC joint in his throwing shoulder. In the game against the Dolphins he was lighting up that defense and it was blowout city. He was scrambling for yards, throwing lasers to the receivers, and looked extremely comfortable commanding the offense. Personally he reminded me of Tom Brady in the 2006 season which is a heap of praise because they were 1 game away from going to Super Bowl.

Personally I would prefer if the Patriots did not trade Jimmy Garoppolo at all, and kept him until Tom Brady retired. I say this because quality QB’s are so hard to come by in today’s NFL and mainly because Tom was the future. Now he is the present and I am not saying this in a disrespectful way whatsoever because Tom is the man. Tom Brady is a rock star in New England, and has become an icon that so many men dream of being. But realistically Tom only has maybe 2-3 elite years left in the tank. I understand he treats his body like a temple but it’s the truth in which father time catches everyone. But Jimmy is totally worth the boatload of picks because he truly is such a special QB. I really do believe he has the potential and ability to become a top-tier QB in the NFL. My point is if a team is willing to give up tons of draft ammo for RGIII or Sam Bradford then a team should be willing to pay the final price which is the “King’s Ransom” for Jimmy G.

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